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 间距排针,排母系列Pin Header And Female Header Connector Series
 简牛、牛角、IDC二、三件式、DIP压线式公座、短路帽、PLCC系列Box Header/Ejector Header/IDC Socket/DIP PLUG/Mini Jumper/PLCC Connector Series
 圆针、圆孔、单排、双排、三排系列Machine Pin Adapters And Socket Connector Series
 立式、卧式系列Housing And Wafer Connector Series
 FPC上接、下接、半包式、全包式接地片系列FPC Connector Series
 SATA7-15P公座/母座系列SATA Connector Series
 USB母座、公头焊线式系列I/O Connector Series
 USB A/B型系列
 IEEE 1394母座、公头焊线式系列
 Mini Din、HDMI

About Us


    深圳市杰瑞康电子有限公司成立于2006年8月,现有员工作100余人,公司专业研发、设计、生产 及销售各种连接器,广泛应用于电源供应设备,电脑,电脑周边设备,商业电子设备,通讯, 汽车以及各种消费性电子产品领域。

        为更进一步发展与扩大,公司不断引进先进的检测设备,专业技术人才和优秀的管理人才, 遵循不断开拓创新,本着追求卓越,全员参与,客户至上的经营观念,使公司产品畅销国内外 并得到客户的肯定。

        我们秉承科技与环境并重理念,恪守稳健经营,与知名企业多年合作的经验使我们的产品在 工艺,性能,服务各方面均无懈可击,公司产品从生产冲压,射出成型到产品组装均经过严密 的制程控制和严格的品质检验,自信迎接任何挑剔专业的眼光。

    Shenzhen Xurconn Electronic Co.,Ltd.was founded in August 2006 and there are more than 100 employess now specializes in Research and Development,and production of Connectors, Smart Konn's main products consists of connectors for PC boards,power supplies,mobile phones,computers,computing accessories,industrial electronics communication electronecs,automotive electronics and a wide range of consumer electronics.

        In order to develop further,We introduce advanced detection facilities,professional technologists and excellent managers. We follow the managing theory of exploiting innovatively,pursuing excellence,all involvement and customer foremost.

      We receive the idea of paying equal attention to both technology and environment, and scrupulously abide by steady management. The experiences of cooperation with famous enterprises for many years make our products to be excellent in process,performance and service We will make rigorous process control and strict quality inspection from produce pressing, injection molding to assembling. We are confident to accept any professional challenge.

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